Adil Advokater is the only law firm in Denmark with the announced purpose of creating justice and building bridges between cultures.


[dropcap color=””]W[/dropcap]e are a Danish legal team with Muslim background specialising in addressing cases, where one of the opponent has a non-western background. Due to our Muslim beliefs and culture we recognize and understand differences and have a natural way of solving problems without compromising the quality.

[dropcap color=””]L[/dropcap]ike many other Danish law offices, we assist organisations, companies and private individuals with our focus on our clients’ interests, thus, functioning as a regular lawyer office. Yet, we do more than that – we build legal bridges between cultures and religions. This indicates, on the one hand, that we have an understanding of the challenges individuals with a non-Danish ethnic background might face. On the other hand, we have insight and special qualifications in order to assist Danish companies needing knowledge on legal matters, special norms and values practiced, for example, in the Middle East countries and India or foreign companies needing advice on the Danish legislation.

[dropcap color=””]A[/dropcap]t Adil Advokater our clients meet profound attorneys, who focus on human aspects, and we strive to make our assistance a valuable resource for our clients. It is our vision that our clients, regardless their race, beliefs, gender, age, disabilities, origin or other differences, experience accessing fair, professional assistance without having to pay an exorbitant price.