Adil Advokater is Denmark’s only law firm with the declared goal of upholding legal institutions and building bridges between cultures.

As Danish attorneys with Muslim cultural backgrounds, we are specialized in handling cases where one of the involved parties is from a non-western background. We appreciate and understand the differences involved and, as such, are well suited to resolving conflicts without compromising quality of service.

Like others in our field, we offer legal advice to organizations, businesses and private persons and thus function as any Danish legal office – focused on our clients’ interests.

But we do more than this. We also build bridges between different cultures and faiths.

This means that we, on the one hand, understand the challenges faced by a person of a different ethnic background and, on the other hand, have the unique insight and knowledge required to provide legal services to Danish businesses and organizations in need of advice regarding legal matters, norms and values in e.g. the Middle East or India. This insight and expertise also extends to foreign businesses that require advice on Danish law.

At Adil Advokater you will encounter sharp legal minds, that are focused on the human aspect and dedicated to providing a valuable resource to our client. It is our vision that our clients, regardless of race, faith, sex, handicap or background, are treated fairly – without having to pay unrealistic and exorbitant prices.